Today, space is an increasingly important commodity in the home, with new buyers citing storage space as one of their key concerns when purchasing. When discussing the everyday space requirements of contemporary homeowners, it’s important to look back at how our storage needs have evolved over the last decades.

The picture below shows a typical 1958 family setting… how things have changed! Today’s homeowners place particular importance on factors such as homes which take into account the use of modern technology.

A number of key reports have been recently undertaken with highlight the storage needs of modern homeowners. For example, we looked at the recent reports entitled ‘The Way we Live Now: What People Need and Expect from their Homes’ and ‘The Case for Space’ which examined the housing needs of modern British households.

The research looked at the needs and expectations people have for their homes, how they use the space in their homes and how they choose a new property. ‘The Way we Live Now: What People Need and Expect from their Homes’ findings highlighted a number of requirements which modern homeowners expect for their homes. These included features such as large windows for natural light, layouts which took into account the technology used within the home and space for private time away from other members of the family.

Interestingly, the report found that people need and expect from their homes in relation to storage. These included the following requirements:

  • Long-term and short-term storage for functional items, and for personal possessions people have chosen to keep during their lives
  • Dedicated space for domestic utility tasks, such as, washing, drying and ironing clothes, as well as for storing vacuum cleaners, rubbish bins and recycling

Similarly, in the UK, ‘The Case for Space’ report highlights the need for space and how a lack of space has been shown to impact on the basic lifestyle needs that many people take for granted, such as having enough space to store possessions or even to entertain friends. In more extreme cases, lack of adequate space for a household has also been shown to have significant impacts on health, educational attainment and family relationships.

In addition, the findings of ‘The Case for Space’ report highlighted that the average new home in England is only 92% of the recommended minimum size. This has a powerful impact on the everyday life of modern homeowners, and highlights the importance of clever and integrated storage within the home.

At Staircase Storage, our passion lies in maximising the space in the hallway; taking full advantage of the often unused space beneath the hallway staircase. Our storage solutions appeal to new homeowners as they provide functional yet aesthetically pleasing storage. The white interiors and exteriors ensure that the units match the aesthetic of modern builds. This provides potential homeowners with an innovative and appealing storage space and can often provide your development with a unique selling point the moment new buyers walk through the door.

Looking for more information on how we can maximise space in your residential development? Why not contact our team who will be happy to discuss your requirements!